A8hatWhen a superyacht owner asked for personalised caps for his family, guests and the crew, the captain of the boat asked EuropeAxess Media to come up with an appropriate logo using the yacht’s shortened name ‘A8’.

After a bit of research over the weekend, a design was drawn up on the Monday, this was approved on Tuesday on Wednesday the hats were ordered from a local embroidery firm and the logo digitised. The hats were stitched on the Thursday, delivered on the Friday, and on the Saturday the owner was so delighted he gave one to everybody who was on board that day and ordered a new batch to be made up! We have since been asked to have a ‘house pennant’ made up to fly at the bows of the yacht when the owner is on board.

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Can you accept Paypal?

After consulting a business technology expert, a nearby property owner was put in touch with EuropeAxess Media to have a booking calendar and online payments system added to their website.

This has enabled them to take bookings without going through lengthy e-mail exchanges and telephone calls to finalise the sale. Guests can now see immediately what dates are available and even book their flights before paying for their stay by credit card or via PayPal. Thanks to built-in search engine optimisation, the property now has 80% occupancy over the Christmas 2011 period and the owner has even started to take bookings for other holiday homes in the surrounding area.

Web Design & Development

At EuropeAxess we have an international team of designers & developers that work together on most of our websites, ensuring the quickest possible turn around with a wide range of expertise and creative experience.

The creative process begins with a need. Clients from a broad spectrum of industries come to us, from new businesses to well established empires. Some needing us to create & implement an entire brand identity that runs smoothly from the real world of local or international publishing and advertising, to the online world wide web.
We do brand redesigns, updates & expansions or just simple cases of adding a web portal to your business to boost exposure, client base and therefore success.

Whatever you need, we can help.

Website Source Code

Website Source Code

Once we have analysed your need, we can present the range of products that will help fulfil your requirements, these products can be tailored to fit your budget and we can even integrate into the foundations of your website, the utilities that you will need when you want to take your website to the next level.

When you have chosen your package, whether it be a single page with your contact details and business services summary, a Word-press blog to keep clients or followers up to date on current events and news, a basic website with a page for each service, contact page and history or a full scale online empire with multiple sites and advanced interactive services, the first step for us is to design the site map. This is akin to an architect drawing up the blueprints for a building.


Lithographic Printing

Pantone Colour Book

Choose your corporate Pantone colour

We offer an extensive range of printing services thanks to over 20 years experience of print providers, we now work with a number of trusted specialist printers both locally and internationally.

For larger quantities of premium quality printing we recommend Lithographic Printing known as ‘Litho’.  Litho is a method using a metal plate with a completely smooth surface on which oil is applied to divide the smooth surface into hydrophobic regions which accept the ink, and hydrophilic regions which reject it. The inked image is transferred from the plate to a rubber blanket and then to the paper, card or other printing surface (samples of printable surfaces can be provided on request). The word Lithography is from Greek ‘lithos’ (stone) and ‘grapho’ (to write). It was invented in 1796 originally using a limestone.

CMYK process colors spectrophotometrically monitored

CMYK process colors spectrophotometrically monitored

If we are designing your artwork for you then you can rest assured that it will have been created within the strict guidelines required to assure that the printed product looks as much like your proof as is realistically possible. Factors such as colour can be points of contention, if your chosen colours are very specific e.g. corporate colours, then we will provide the printer with your


Shop Facade Design

Silver Shop Facade

Shop Facade Design

Barbara Staunton of the Silver Shop had already asked us to create the look for one shop on Main Street in 2006. She later told is the new signage had paid for itself in three months. Barbara was so happy with the result, we were called in again when she moved to an even more central location, opposite Marks & Spencers.

The traditional arched windows pose a problem for conventional canopy manufacturing methods, and do not fit in the standard production templates. We drew up our own templates and commissioned the frame as a bespoke item. We then covered this with durable black canvas re-creating the chic, boutique look that has worked so well for the Silver Shop in the past.
The highly polished stainless steel lettering featured on the wall signs was also a repeat order, this material has stood the test of time on the old shop, with the lettering’s mirror finish always looking like new.
These works were carried out in July/August 2009, anyone that works in Gibraltar or the Costa will know that this is a nightmare time to have any works undertaken. The response when ordering supplies from across the border in August is often ‘Not this month!’
We felt we earned our Superhero’s badge when we completed the works on the 22nd August, and The Silver Shop were able to open for business catching the tail end of the high season. Barbara said ‘You are the only ones that did what they said they would do in the time they said they would do it!’
With this new shop, we have also provided a maintenance contract, cleaning the whole façade monthly, thanks to the good offices of our associated company: Ginge Sargent Gardiennage.

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La Garota do Ipanema

When successful restauranteur André De Barre began planning a new venture in Ocean Village, he said he knew he had to call on the services of Angela Sargent to join the team in creating the image for their new restaurant.

Ipanema shortly after opening
Ipanema shortly after opening

A completely new concept for Gibraltar was to be rolled out in a high profile location. Building on the success of the Gaucho’s Argentinian venue, and taking reference from South American style catering, André wanted a look that would transport his diners to another continent. Angela was able to draw on he experiences having visited Rio and the surrounding Rain Forest the previous year. In consultation with André and his son René, the exotic beaches of Rio were selected from a range of South American venues for the name of the restaurant.


Interior Design

With modern materials and diverse suppliers we can set the mood in almost any space. Please check out the Bwin reception and Ipanema restaurant in the portfolio.

Gibraltar Guide Book

Gibraltar Guide BookIt had long been an ambition of the team to produce a good street map for Gibraltar, something that was felt to be sadly wanting by locals and tourists alike.

In publishing the Gibraltar Guidebook with a full colour map showing the whole of the Rock on one side and a large scale plan of the shopping centre on the reverse we achieved our ambitions.
The full colour map was painstakingly prepared with the greatest attention to detail, but was well worth the effort proving to be a popular item with several sales outlets in Gibraltar.

MH Blands Busses

Cable Car Advert

MH Blands Cable Car Livery 2007

When Mandy Gaggero saw the innovative vehicle wrap that EuropeAxess had done for Richard Desoiza’s World War II Tunnels visitors bus, she invited Angela to Blands Head office in Cloister Building to discuss a revamp of the MH Blands Tour buses.

The MH Blands busses go through a regular cycle of maintainance and refurbishment as the fleet is updated or new vehicles added in. We were asked to install 6 vehicle wraps in the first year. We were asked to develop two designs to promote the Cable Car and Upper Rock experience and the Dolphin World Cruises.

Front of Bus

Front of Bus

Mandy wanted the front of the buses to remain clear, but with strong branding. However we were able to use the client’s photography to create high resolution collages conveying the exciting atmosphere and immediacy of the Tour experience. For this we produced long panoramic scenes right along the full length of the sides of the buses. We also used the back windows printing images on one-way microporus film. Wherever possible the apes and dolphins


EuropeAxess Expansion

EuropeAxess Media expands into Leon House, Secretary's Lane

EuropeAxess Media expands into Leon House, Secretary's Lane

In July 2009 EuropeAxess Media said goodbye to the cosy Watergardens office that had been Home for so long.
Progress demands change, and when a carpeted, air-conditioned office suite became available in Leon House, we seized the opportunity to expand into an even more comfortable location, central, and above all, quiet!
One member of the moving party, on taking in the vista of green trees and the upper Rock from the big windows, and hearing the soft birdsong in the background, dubbed it ‘Designer Heaven’.
During our first weeks in residence at the new location we have worked on completing several large projects which had been ongoing during the summer. La Garote do Ipanema is already up and running, and we can say that the owners are delighted with the success of the new venture to date. Other projects will be announced soon… watch this space.