Radio Advertising

JaneJane Hart was ready to expand her well established interior design business Denville Designs by developing her skills in Feng Shui. She asked us to help.

We launched Jane’s  Feng Shui consultancy as an additional brand with its own image and advertising budget. We recorded the voiceover for the radio ad with oriental music.

We booked a year’s contract on the well-liked Mary Harboe Show on Costa radio station REM.fm with a regular Feng Shui phone in slot which became very popular with the listeners.

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  1. Pete
    6:02 pm on August 5th, 2009

    Jane did our Feng Shui report when we moved into our new home, she helped us choose the most suitable colours and shapes when decorating.

    That was almost 4 years ago and we’ve had a happy a happy, balanced home-life ever since.

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