Shop Facade Design

Silver Shop Facade

Shop Facade Design

Barbara Staunton of the Silver Shop had already asked us to create the look for one shop on Main Street in 2006. She later told is the new signage had paid for itself in three months. Barbara was so happy with the result, we were called in again when she moved to an even more central location, opposite Marks & Spencers.

The traditional arched windows pose a problem for conventional canopy manufacturing methods, and do not fit in the standard production templates. We drew up our own templates and commissioned the frame as a bespoke item. We then covered this with durable black canvas re-creating the chic, boutique look that has worked so well for the Silver Shop in the past.
The highly polished stainless steel lettering featured on the wall signs was also a repeat order, this material has stood the test of time on the old shop, with the lettering’s mirror finish always looking like new.
These works were carried out in July/August 2009, anyone that works in Gibraltar or the Costa will know that this is a nightmare time to have any works undertaken. The response when ordering supplies from across the border in August is often ‘Not this month!’
We felt we earned our Superhero’s badge when we completed the works on the 22nd August, and The Silver Shop were able to open for business catching the tail end of the high season. Barbara said ‘You are the only ones that did what they said they would do in the time they said they would do it!’
With this new shop, we have also provided a maintenance contract, cleaning the whole fa├žade monthly, thanks to the good offices of our associated company: Ginge Sargent Gardiennage.

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