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At EuropeAxess we have an international team of designers & developers that work together on most of our websites, ensuring the quickest possible turn around with a wide range of expertise and creative experience.

The creative process begins with a need. Clients from a broad spectrum of industries come to us, from new businesses to well established empires. Some needing us to create & implement an entire brand identity that runs smoothly from the real world of local or international publishing and advertising, to the online world wide web.
We do brand redesigns, updates & expansions or just simple cases of adding a web portal to your business to boost exposure, client base and therefore success.

Whatever you need, we can help.

Website Source Code

Website Source Code

Once we have analysed your need, we can present the range of products that will help fulfil your requirements, these products can be tailored to fit your budget and we can even integrate into the foundations of your website, the utilities that you will need when you want to take your website to the next level.

When you have chosen your package, whether it be a single page with your contact details and business services summary, a Word-press blog to keep clients or followers up to date on current events and news, a basic website with a page for each service, contact page and history or a full scale online empire with multiple sites and advanced interactive services, the first step for us is to design the site map. This is akin to an architect drawing up the blueprints for a building. The site map will be built with many aspects in mind, making sure that the user can get to the information they are looking for or the products or services that you offer, within the least amount of time and without having to click through copious amounts of links or plough through pages of unrelated data. We know that with the internet being such a fast moving medium, people will not sit for very long searching in one site when they have hundreds of others to choose from.

Generic Site Map

Generic Site Map

On the skeleton of the site map we can begin to design the look. This is usually taken from your corporate style. There are many aspects to take into account at this stage, for example, if you have a colourful logo it is often best to keep the site very clean with a limited colour pallet to make sure your logo stands out and to avoid overwhelming the viewer. The layout of the pages will be designed with the quantity of information in mind, making sure that everything that is important is right there when the page opens and scrolling is only required once the consumer is ready for detail.

Have a look through our portfolio of web sites and you will see some examples of what we can do. Things like PHP Word-press websites, web applications and API programming like webcams and Webcam status Twitter feeds. We can also create on-line booking & purchasing facilities and… well to be honest the possibilities are as endless as the web itself!

Images must be kept good enough quality to view but small enough to load quickly

Images must be kept good enough quality to view but small enough to load quickly

When asked about the future and what we can do for you the client, our web developer gave a good example of how much is involved in keeping up with the fast changing face of web based communication and exposure. Here is what he had to say:-

Web development typically uses data from an Enterprise database as well as server and client side scripting to build interactive web applications.

The line between a desktop application on your Mac or PC and a web application running in your browser is becoming increasingly blurred. With technologies like drag-and-drop appearing on web sites, and permanently connected applications like Skype and twitter clients on the desktop, there are fewer differences between the two.

Now Adobe Flex allows developers to write widget applications that can be torn-off the web pages and run off-line. A step further, Google is working on Chrome OS, a web browser that will run natively on Netbook PCs, meaning you won’t need Windows or a desktop cluttering up these lightweight laptops.

Cloud computing will soon be a reality for those who have constant Internet connections. The idea is that all your data (emails, instant messages, photos, voice recordings, documents, etc.) are stored somewhere in the Internet cloud, and you connect to that cloud wherever you are, to interact with and share your information.

So from putting your product catalogue on the web, to building interactive video games around your brand or leveraging social media to publish your marketing material, it’s all possible within the remit of web development.

So, from the smallest presence to the limitless reaches of your imagination, don’t sweat the details, let Europeaxess take you there.

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