websites…we do just that, and provide functionality that works hard for them as well!

Our websites can include:

• Passworded Client or Members Area
• Secure Database
• Blog
• Shopping Cart
• Gallery
• Downloadable Documents
• Enquiries Page
• Google Map
• Newsletter Distribution
• Search
• Language Options
• Security Update Service

Just ask, the e-team are at your service!  

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Control-Click – The key to your new website

  • Update your own website
  • Access to training and support
  • Designed to work well on mobile devices

Is it time to replace your old website with a new one that you can update yourself? A site that can be downloaded to Smart Phones and Tablets? Would you like a friendly team to support you and offer training if you need it while you get used to using the new site?

The Control-Click team can provide you with WordPress software that will tick all those boxes. WordPress puts you in control of your website. WordPress started as just a blogging system, but has evolved to be used as full content management system and so much more through the thousands of plugins, widgets, and themes, WordPress is limited only by your imagination.

And honestly, if you know how to use Word and are familiar with uploading content to Facebook, you are well on the way to being a whiz at updating!

The Control-Click Team will get the website set up for you, with all the facilities you need to run your business online, and then you can take over and run your site yourself.

Call us today on 20079335 or 56000766 to book a chat over coffee or drop us a line using the following contact form.

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On the 21st October 2012 EuropeAxess Media took part in the Gibraltar Government’s ‘Thinking Green Conference and Trade Show’.

The stand, exhibiting Internet Electronic Publishing featured, recently published printed paperbacks and e-books, with demonstrations available on Chiquita Neven du Mont’s biography, My Seven Lives on an iPad 2, supplied by Newton Systems Ltd as well as Diane Sloma’s ‘Financial Services Handbook’ on her own Kindle.

EuropeAxess launched a special ‘Thinking Green Author’s Package’ which includes an ebook and paperbacks to be distributed to Amazon.co.uk, and a small supply of paperbacks in Gibraltar. Using print on demand technology further copies can be ordered singly, at a very competitive cost.

If your book is ready to come out, ask Angela for full details.


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A8hatWhen a superyacht owner asked for personalised caps for his family, guests and the crew, the captain of the boat asked EuropeAxess Media to come up with an appropriate logo using the yacht’s shortened name ‘A8’.

After a bit of research over the weekend, a design was drawn up on the Monday, this was approved on Tuesday on Wednesday the hats were ordered from a local embroidery firm and the logo digitised. The hats were stitched on the Thursday, delivered on the Friday, and on the Saturday the owner was so delighted he gave one to everybody who was on board that day and ordered a new batch to be made up! We have since been asked to have a ‘house pennant’ made up to fly at the bows of the yacht when the owner is on board.

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Web Design & Development

At EuropeAxess we have an international team of designers & developers that work together on most of our websites, ensuring the quickest possible turn around with a wide range of expertise and creative experience.

The creative process begins with a need. Clients from a broad spectrum of industries come to us, from new businesses to well established empires. Some needing us to create & implement an entire brand identity that runs smoothly from the real world of local or international publishing and advertising, to the online world wide web.
We do brand redesigns, updates & expansions or just simple cases of adding a web portal to your business to boost exposure, client base and therefore success.

Whatever you need, we can help.

Website Source Code

Website Source Code

Once we have analysed your need, we can present the range of products that will help fulfil your requirements, these products can be tailored to fit your budget and we can even integrate into the foundations of your website, the utilities that you will need when you want to take your website to the next level.

When you have chosen your package, whether it be a single page with your contact details and business services summary, a Word-press blog to keep clients or followers up to date on current events and news, a basic website with a page for each service, contact page and history or a full scale online empire with multiple sites and advanced interactive services, the first step for us is to design the site map. This is akin to an architect drawing up the blueprints for a building.


EuropeAxess Expansion

EuropeAxess Media expands into Leon House, Secretary's Lane

EuropeAxess Media expands into Leon House, Secretary's Lane

In July 2009 EuropeAxess Media said goodbye to the cosy Watergardens office that had been Home for so long.
Progress demands change, and when a carpeted, air-conditioned office suite became available in Leon House, we seized the opportunity to expand into an even more comfortable location, central, and above all, quiet!
One member of the moving party, on taking in the vista of green trees and the upper Rock from the big windows, and hearing the soft birdsong in the background, dubbed it ‘Designer Heaven’.
During our first weeks in residence at the new location we have worked on completing several large projects which had been ongoing during the summer. La Garote do Ipanema is already up and running, and we can say that the owners are delighted with the success of the new venture to date. Other projects will be announced soon… watch this space.

Willis’s Powder Battery Displays

Detail of one of the plans showing the date an early amendment: 23rd February 1891

Detail of one of the plans showing the date an early amendment: 23rd February 1891

When Richard Desoiza of the Let’s Go Rock and Fortress Project was given a treasure trove of eleven 19th Century Royal Engineer Plans for Willis’s Powder Battery, he was quick to appreciate their value as display material in the new venue.
He called Angela and asked her to have them scanned and mounted on boards as we had done with previous display materials in the World War II Tunnels. After giving her a tour of the huge Powder Battery, and explaining the clever 19th Century methods of fire prevention he entrusted her with the valuable documents then and there.

Detail of part of a plan showing the amendments on with brown paper tapes

Detail of part of a plan showing the amendments on with brown paper tapes

The hand drawn documents were in a delicate condition, their large size, 1 meter by 70cm, and the many additions that had been pasted onto them over the years meant they needed very careful handling.  Angela was not happy with the idea of putting them through a rotary scanner, although there were one or two of these available on the Rock. Richard had already taken digital photographs of the plans but even with a good camera, the definition was not suitable for reproduction and display. After extensive research it was discovered that the Imperial War Museum in London had the facilities available for the job.
Angela immediately booked the