La Garota do Ipanema

When successful restauranteur André De Barre began planning a new venture in Ocean Village, he said he knew he had to call on the services of Angela Sargent to join the team in creating the image for their new restaurant.

Ipanema shortly after opening
Ipanema shortly after opening

A completely new concept for Gibraltar was to be rolled out in a high profile location. Building on the success of the Gaucho’s Argentinian venue, and taking reference from South American style catering, André wanted a look that would transport his diners to another continent. Angela was able to draw on he experiences having visited Rio and the surrounding Rain Forest the previous year. In consultation with André and his son René, the exotic beaches of Rio were selected from a range of South American venues for the name of the restaurant.


Interior Design

With modern materials and diverse suppliers we can set the mood in almost any space. Please check out the Bwin reception and Ipanema restaurant in the portfolio.